Telescoping Birdfeeding Poles
Birds honestly enjoy bird feeders filled with food just ready and waiting for them, but the problem is so does squealers, and they can climb, jump and eat pretty fast. Nobody likes moochers, which is precisely why we here at All Bird Accessories came up with our revolutionary pole mounted bird feeders - squirrel proof poles that is; telescoping poles. Ranging from a swivel extension, gothic post cap, domed post cap and the New England cap to our telescoping bird feeding poles, this catalog contains everything you need to keep away squirrels and raccoons from the birds’ own food. Unless positioned right under or within jumping-range of a tree, you can count on our innovative patent-pending telescoping bird feeding pole to keep any nut and garbage can loving intruder away. Made of vinyl, our telescoping pole (adjustable between from 7'-0" and 9'-0") is easily cleansed, easily assembled and ultra durable. As long as it’s not located near a high surface certain critters other than birds can utilize to jump on it, you’re guaranteed that our pioneering and year-lasting pole will be at the disposal of man’s winged friends solely. As countless customers already know, when we’re dedicated to something, well, then it simply doesn’t get any better than that. In this catalog we offer you something no one else can, as the ever-veteran problem of rotten bird food moochers can now finally be over for your household.
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